fastCHEX is under the umbrella of H.M. Miller & Associates, Inc.

H.M. MILLER & ASSOCIATES INC. was founded in 1999 as a sole proprietorship, providing personnel recruitment and training for the automotive industry.

Retail automotive at that time had an annual 98% sales employment turnover nationwide.

As a result, our approach was to train non-commissioned "Product Specialists" to inform the customer of the dealer autos, features, and their benefits, while avoiding traditional selling methods.

Finding initial success, we soon branched out into a full-fledged agency supplying clerks, drivers, warehouse workers, equipment operators, plus service and maintenance temporaries to local Columbus companies.

Incorporating in 2001, we secured a contract with Kroger grocery, providing auditors and specialized computer equipment for financial audits for all of their pharmacies and grocery stores in Colorado. We have built a reputation for superior customer service, reliability, flexibility, and cost saving innovations. Continuing to service their stores today, we just bid on and received a new contract with Kroger stores running through 2018.

Continuing to grow in 2004, we purchased two in-home, non-medical franchises and in 2008, we were honored by ComForCare Senior Services corporate franchiser with the Franchise of the Year award. Maintaining a roster of approximately 150 nurses and nurses' aids, we serve an eight county area.

Operating these DBAs as personnel agencies required a banking relationship to meet the million dollar plus payroll. Tricom, a Hindsdale Bank of Chicago subsidiary specializing in personnel agencies, handles our payroll, taxes, and our funding. They recently honored us with an award for 15 years of distinguished performance.

Being a Drug Free Workplace, providing temporary workers, criminal background checks and employee drug testing were a requirement for doing business. After several years of sending employees out to various agencies and suffering through the vagaries of poor service, delays, and time consuming practices, we became an Ohio Attorney General approved vendor of BCI&I and FBI criminal background checks in 2006.

In February 2014, we joined with Noble Medical to do drug testing and registered fastCHEX with the state of Ohio. At that point, we became a full service agency.

Creating multiple streams of earnings was our dream, and we will continue to grow as each new service opportunity presents itself through our current operations.